BJCP Style Guidelines Classes (club members or wannabes only)

Matt North, home brewer extraordinaire, is putting together a training class for those interested in BJCP certification or those who just want to know more about styles.

Here’s the note directly from Matt:

I am inviting all members to attend the style guidelines classes at Bull City Homebrew.
Time 7 pm
Where: Bull City Homebrew
Cost:  Free for current members
Dates 7/19 7/26 8/2.
I linked a form to sign up for the dates you will be attending.  Non members can attend with a dues payment on the day of attendance.  If you are interested in studying for the BJCP test a notebook and pen would help jog your beer tasting memories.  I will have a short presentation each class on some of the basics of beer styles, judging, and tasting.  We will have a blind tasting each class with a discussion following.
Please bring extra money to support , Bull City Homebrew, a sponsor of this event.
Matt North