Club FAQ

What is TRUB?

We are a home brewing club supporting those interested in the hobby around the Durham, NC area.

Where’s the closest Homebrew shop?

Bull City Homebrew. If you become a dues paying member you get a nice discount that easily pays for membership. Call homebrew shop for more details.

Can anyone attend the meetings? Do I have to bring homebrew or do I need prior home brewing experience to attend?

Anyone can attend the meetings. We are here to help you with the decision to begin home brewing and support you if you have started.

Can I bring my spouse to meetings?

Yes. This is encouraged.

I’m new in town and don’t have anyone to watch my children. Can I bring my children to meetings?

Yes. But they cannot drink any beer.

Can I bring a friend or relative to meetings?


How much does it cost?

Our dues have never been higher than $25 per year and we do prorate (note this could change but this gives you an idea). For the price of dues you get a nice discount from Bull City Homebrew shop, something to do once a month, free or minimal cost educational events, occasional brew ins, and an awesome free Holiday pizza party at Satisfactions.